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Serving All Regions Of British Columbia With offices in Kamloops and on Gabriola island

We are an authorized dealer for Canada's largest solar supplier -  Sentinel Solar

About Sweet Spot Solar

The sweet spot is finding the right sized system to help meet your financial and sustainability goals. We will design a system to neutralize your power bills, to keep you out of Step 2 pricing, or to simply offset some appliances or an electric vehicle.

The sweet spot for others can be symbolic and a demonstration to your family, neighbours, community, and future generations that you are doing the "right thing" by supporting locally-produced renewable electricity. 

The sweet spot can also refer to the location on your property where solar potential is the best. We'll help you find that sweet spot with ease.

There's one more reason why we call ourselves Sweet Spot Solar... because it's fun. Solar doesn't have to be all techie and have company names that sound like equipment you would find in a lab.  

If you play tennis, golf, or baseball... you're already aware of what happens when the sweet spot is hit. Wham... a perfect return, drive and home run. The Sweet Spot Solar Company is about educating and informing people on how to hit that sweet spot. Of course, we would also love to design and sell you some top-of-the-line of equipment too. Working with the sun is not difficult and it's something we've had to do since the dawn of our time as a species.


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Please note that we are grid-tie specialists and do not design, sell or arrange installation of off-grid solar, wind, or other renewable energy technologies.

We do not sell individual components including modules but only completely designed systems. For warranty coverage by manufacturers, these components must be installed by licensed electricians.

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Solar options

Pole mount.png

Pole Mount On The Ground

A pole-mounted array is an excellent option for people who want a ground mounted system. Pole mounts can come in many size options but the most common one is for 16 modules in two rows of 8 in portrait orientation. To learn more about this product, take a look at the following entry on our blog site.

Metal roof.jpg

On A Metal Roof

There are two kinds of common metal roof options for installing solar modules: corrugated metal roofs (screws are visible), and standing seam metal roofs. With standing seam metal roofs, we provide special clamps made by S-5 that squeeze onto the seams with a lip that extends under the lip of the seam closest to the roof surface. This is a non-penetrating option and it is a quicker installation.

Shingle roof.jpg

On A Shingle Roof

Solar modules are mounted on a rail kit that is securely screwed down into the rafters. Flashing kits and roofing compound are used to waterproof these penetrations.

A shingled roof should be in good condition and ideally less than 10 years old.

For example, a roof facing that is 36’ long and 14’ wide can accommodate 18 solar modules in two rows of 9.



Trackers follow the Sun and make considerably more energy on an annual basis as a result. We carry four sizes of trackers from the massive 60-module Titan Mega dual-axis, to a smaller 45-module dual axis tracker, and a 20 module single axis tracker - all the way down to a 6-module single axis tracker. The small tracker can also be mounted on a flat roof but the other trackers are strictly ground mount only.

Ground rack.png

Ground Rack

The Titan ground rack is a commercial/agricultural grade racking system that can also be used in residential settings. It can be custom-designed to be any size. It is also easy to manually adjust the tilt by season to maximize annual energy production. To learn more about this option, check out our blog posting here.

On a flat roof.JPG

On A Flat Roof

Mounting solar modules on flat roofs is easy, and many commercial (and more recently residential) projects are done using a ballasted, non-penetrating option called the EcoFoot2 rack. These racks are weighted down with concrete blocks and are rail-free.

Did you know:

Every square meter of our planet receives around 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation.
— Conserve Energy Future, “Solar Energy Facts”
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Our Team

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Michael D. Mehta


Sweet Spot Solar Company is a registered sole proprietorship in the Province of British Columbia. It is owned by Dr. Michael Mehta, who also works as a Professor of Environmental Studies at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. Dr. Mehta teaches courses on renewable energy, has more than 25 years experience in the field, and has sat on the Board of Directors of several large utility companies. He was also the Founder of a non-profit solar group called GabEnergy.

Sweet Spot Solar is an authorized dealer of Sentinel Solar with offices in Calgary and Vaughn, Ontario. With GabEnergy and Sweet Spot Solar, Michael has designed and coordinated the installation on more than 100 arrays in B.C. ranging in size from 1 kW to almost 100 kW. He also led the development of Canada’s first solar sidewalk system, and B.C.’s largest dual axis solar tracker in Black Pines, B.C.

To learn more about Michael's academic work, click here.


Katherine Edwards


Katherine G. Edwards has worked for CIBC for more than 30 years and she has held numerous positions in branches across Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. She also worked in Head Office in Toronto doing system testing work, and played a key role in the bank's Y2K readiness initiative.


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Did you know:

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.
(Edison, 1931)

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