On A Shingle Roof

On A Shingle Roof


Solar modules are mounted on a rail kit that is securely screwed down into the rafters. Flashing kits and roofing compound are used to waterproof these penetrations.

A shingled roof should be in good condition and ideally less than 10 years old.

For example, a roof facing that is 36’ long and 14’ wide can accommodate 18 solar modules in two rows of 9.

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If 300 Watt modules are used, this makes a 5.4 kW DC array. The pitch of the roof can be anywhere between 10 degrees (2/12) to 45 degrees (12/12). On a roof with 22.5 degree (5/12) pitch facing due south, you can expect to generate approximately 6000 kWh/year of electricity from this array. The equipment for such an array is between $10,000 and $12,000 (all-in). Installation is extra and done by independent contractors. Self-installation is possible too.