solar professionals

Array design and other services

For solar professionals, Sweet Spot Solar is making available our experience designing and modelling solar arrays. We can provide financial performance data and estimates as well as fully customized proposals for you to present to your clients.

You can also buy equipment from us and have it shipped directly to you or your client. 

Here's an example of a project that many of our competitors would likely incorrectly deem inappropriate for solar due to trees on the property and nearby.

With our 3D and irradiance modelling, we can show you exactly where to place modules to maximize annual energy production.

We can even  illustrate landscape versus portrait orientations, or a mix of the two.

irradiance model.png

We will include trees and other obstructions to perform an accurate shading analysis and embed other obstructions including chimneys, stacks, and skylights.

annual energy production-higher performance model.png

This will give you the competitive advantage you need as well as show your clients what their array will look like and how it will perform.

  • Pricing (all projects require a 50% deposit):
  • Array design and power production modelling from CAD$50.00 
  • Additional service: Financial forecasts from CAD$25.00
  • Full proposal (with your company's logo and information) from CAD$100.00