New generation product under development for the Solar Compass

The Solar Compass project continues to evolve and it will be the beneficiary of a new generation product currently being refined and tested.

Our corporate sponsor, Solar Earth Technologies, has put together a new generation of the solar photovoltaic mosaic.

The first generation product used laminated tempered glass to enclose off-the-shelf solar cells and a texture etched onto the glass for anti-skidding properties.

Solar Earth Technologies has decided to replace that approach with a new generation of the product. This new approach involves using lighter and more flexible materials for encapsulation of high efficiency solar cells. There are many advantages to this new design including:
  • More reliable anti-skidding properties.
  • Higher transparency and therefore higher solar PV conversion gains.
  • Greater robustness to environmental changes.
  • Easier installation and maintenance due to weight savings.
  • Better adaptation to shading situations on the ground.
Solar Earth Technologies will send this new product  for ETL qualification for our project.

As a result of these changes, the new product will not be available for installation this Fall and we will need to wait until the Spring of 2017 when weather is more suitable.