Installation of the Solar Compass is on-schedule for later this Spring

The Solar Compass engineering team met with the leadership team of Solar Earth Technologies yesterday to go over final installation details.

We have narrowed down the methodology for installation of the 64 solar modules and made some key decisions.

We have decided to go with a 11mm thick version of the encapsulated polymer module in black. This module is undergoing certification testing and it's our hope that this will be complete over the next 6 weeks. Each module will contain 50 cells in a 5 X 10 configuration. Note the textured surface to reduce dramatically the risk of slipping. This will likely have more traction than the existing concrete in the area.

We also discussed wiring, optimization, and inverter options and are currently leaning toward the use of micro-inverter technology for fault detection and power production diagnostics.

If all goes well, by this Spring or early Summer we will have Canada's first solar road/path in front of the Arts and Education Building at TRU. Below is a photo of the Solar Earth Technologies team at the Solar Compass location.