The Solar Compass is profiled in The Omega

The Solar Compass was profiled in TRU''s student newspaper, The Omega. The article states:

TRU’s solar compass project is wrapping up construction and offering not only a renewable energy source, but marking a milestone for sustainability on campus. The project will use the existing compass on the sidewalk outside the Arts and Education building as a platform for the new technology.
“The inspiration initially came from using that shape, but it’s also symbolic in a way, because a compass points you in the direction that you want to go. It’s pointing us in the direction of a future based on sustainability,” said Michael Mehta, a geography and environmental studies professor at TRU.
Mehta is the project lead and faculty advisor on the solar compass project.
“There will be 62 solar modules on the compass running radially from the centre and it’ll look quite dramatic,” Mehta said.
The compass modules each produce 80 watts of power, making it approximately a 5,000-watt system.

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