Thank You BC Sustainable Energy Association

The BC Sustainable Energy Association was our community partner throughout the Solar Compass/Solar Sidewalk project. They provided us with constant support, encouragement, volunteers who participated in design and installation, and of course wonderful media work including producing press releases, videos, and stories.

Most recently their story about our project stated:
The Solar Compass at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) had its Grand Opening on November 2, a very snowy day in Kamloops. The Solar Compass and the nearby Solar Sidewalk are flagship projects, the first of this kind in Canada. Project lead Dr. Michael Mehta was joined by our major partners, TRU and Solar Earth Technologies (SET), along with other local partners and many of the 30-plus members of the project team.
The Solar Compass shows that we can embed energy generation into everyday things, like the pavement that we walk on.  For Dr. Mehta, “These arrays put solar technologies front and centre in highly visible locations where thousands of people will walk over them each year. As a result, this should help usher in a new era where solar becomes demystified and embraced as a viable and aesthetically pleasing option for generating renewable energy.” 

To read the full story and to see some photos from them, click here.