Thank You To All Our Donors, Volunteers, And Contractors

The Solar Compass, and its little sister the Solar Sidewalk, would not have been possible without the assistance of many supporters. On behalf of Thompson Rivers University and the project team, we would like to thank the following for everything they did.

• Solar Earth Technologies [Jason Wang, Brian Johnson, and Oliver Zimmermann and their investors] for donating 64 modules for the solar compass, and 16 modules for solar sidewalk.

• Harrison Industrial Contracting [Karly Marshall] for donating TECK cable, a, electrical cabinet, use of equipment, and various other electrical supplies.

• The Tunneling Company [Shawn Gaunt] for use of their mole and a technician to pull conduit under the existing concrete.

• Wesco Distribution [Brett Middlemiss] for donating conduit.

• The work of contractors including Matt Cardinal and his team for installing modules,  and concrete work byTrevor Wilson of Con-Ex Civil Contractors.

• Thompson Rivers University and the Sustainability Grant for seeding this project. Support from Jim Gudjonson and James Gordon from the Office of Sustainability,

• Warren Asuchak and his team at facilities including the groundskeeping staff.

• Countless hours of volunteer work from TRU faculty (Amie Schellenberg), dozens of students and faculty from Trades and other programs on campus, volunteer work of community members, faculty and staff at TRU (thank you to Gord Setka), and the support of our community partner BC Sustainability Energy Association (Kamloops Chapter).

• Our grant writing team, technical team, and the hard work and support of engineers like Brock Nanson, Ben Giudici, and James Gu. The drone work of John Church who captured stunning images of all stages of construction.