The Solar Compass Opens Up New Pathways For Student Learning

The Solar Compass is profiled in the following article by The University Network.

"TRU students played a significant role in the project as well. Several students served on the grant committee to secure the funds for the project. More than a dozen students from the trades program at TRU worked on the installation itself, including students from electrical foundations who did the wiring and graft work. Some students even took a turn at the jackhammer. 
“For us, it was a perfect opportunity of a project on campus that brings in students for real world learning,” said Mehta. “That almost never happens. If you look at any construction project on campus, it’s independent contractors that are brought in usually under some kind of process and they typically don’t let anyone else in the project for liability and other reasons. In our case, we actively and deliberately included students as part of their training.”

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