Our Solar-Ready Plus 1 kW Array

For many people, solar power at home is too expensive and it is sometimes seen as complicated or requiring significant modifications to your house.

Sweet Spot Solar has changed all of that with our special Solar-Ready Plus 1 kW array. This four module, 1 kW micro-array is a starter kit that has plenty of power and built-in room for expansion up to 17 modules - for a generous 4.42 kW array. That's like strapping a 4400 Watt generator onto your roof!

This starter kit won't power your whole house or allow you to generate any credit by itself, but it is the foundation for a larger array.

The Solar-Ready Plus 1 kW array will be installed fully by a licensed electrician with all permits and approval from BC Hydro to sell power back to them through the Net Metering program.

It's so simple that it can be put together in three steps.

Step 1. Four solar modules are attached to your roof securely and in a weather-proof way. 

Step 2. A junction box is placed with connection to those four modules, plus room for future expansion. This is what we mean by Solar-Ready Plus. You could add up to 13 more modules on this same line and junction box. TEK cable connects the junction box right into your breaker box, and it could look like this or be tucked away depending on your house.

Step 3. A 20 Amp double breaker is used to connect the array from the TEK cable directly. Nothing else in your house, and simple. Your entire house is now ready to work with solar and the grid simultaneously. This can even be connected to any other breaker box or sub-panel to the same meter, and provide power to the entire property on that meter.

Orders for this special system are now being placed. Don't miss out on the solar revolution.