What's in a name? Sweet Spot Solar

A lot of people have asked us about the inspiration for our name. The sweet spot can mean different things to different people, and it often refers to several of them at the same time.

For some, the sweet spot is finding the right sized system to help meet financial goals. We will design you a system to cut your power bill down to zero, a larger system to create some income, a medium sized system to keep you out of Step 2 electrical pricing where you pay a 50% premium to your utility company, or a small system (like our Solar-Ready Plus 1 kW to help you get started). 

The sweet spot for others can be symbolic and a demonstration to your family, neighbours, community, and future generations that you are doing the "right thing" by supporting locally-produced renewable electricity. 

The sweet spot can also refer to the location on your property where solar potential is the best. We'll help you find that sweet spot with ease.

There's one more reason why we call ourselves Sweet Spot Solar... because it's fun. Solar doesn't have to be all techie and have company names that sound like equipment you would find in a lab.  

If you play tennis, golf, or baseball... you're already aware of what happens when the sweet spot is hit. Wham... a perfect return, drive and home run.

The Sweet Spot Solar Company is about educating and informing people on how to hit that sweet spot. Of course, we would also love to design and sell you some top-of-the-line of equipment too. Working with the sun is not difficult and it's something we've had to do since the dawn of our time as a species.

Here's some fresh cinnamon buns cooked with the sun in a sun oven in less than 30 minutes. Working with solar is easy, fun, and now affordable.