An inverter converts the DC electricity made by the solar module into AC power for use in your home

In most cases, Sweet Spot Solar recommends that your array be built using high-quality micro-inverters like those made my Enphase.
This approach allows for future expansion of the array with minimal cost, reduces power production loses due to shading/shadowing/dirty modules, and minimizes long-term financial risk and system downtime.

It also makes DIY options a breeze! It's all plug-and-play.

It also provides the longest warranty option in the industry (25 years) compared to old-fashioned string inverter or centralized inverter approaches (typically 10 years).
Module by module diagnostics also becomes possible with this approach. An optional Enphase Envoy unit will provide real-time, detailed monitoring of the array with a user-friendly internet-based interface.
All of the technology is on the roof and micro-inverters are mounted under each solar module. This approach also reduces fire and electrocution risks since micro-inverters put out 240V AC instead of high voltage DC as per string/centralized inverters.
Micro-inverters are used to build some of the biggest solar farms in the world, and Enphase has sold millions of them globally. We really recommend this product.
Think of it like the revolution in cell phone technology. At one time cell phones were huge and expensive. A micro-inverter like the Enphase M215 is sweet, small, powerful, and efficient. We sell them starting at $175!
Here are photos of a string inverter and a micro-inverter. We can of course provide you with string inverters from a range of manufacturers too.