How Much Sunlight Does Get BC Get?

To understand better how solar works in British Columbia, it's useful to look at some charts and tables of seasonal variation and regional differences.
Below is a sunlight hour chart by month based upon current data for the Central Vancouver Island region. The lighter colour band shows sunrise and sunset times by month.

The following tables also show differences in annual sunshine hours across the province. Worth noting is that places like Kamloops (often perceived as very hot and sunny compared to Nanaimo or Vancouver) has 2080 sunshine hours/year while Nanaimo has 1940 sunshine hours/year. This is less than a 6.7% difference! An extra solar module or two can make up the shortfall quite easily.

Germany - a solar powerhouse in terms of installed capacity - has less sunshine hours in its southern region than Nanaimo (with one exception) and many parts of BC.