Sweet Spot Solar Carries Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Modules

Sweet Spot Solar can provide you with a range of options for solar modules including high-end monocrystalline modules like the LG 310 (the black one on the right in this photo) to very good quality polycrystalline modules like the Hanwha 265.

We currently sell the LG 310 for $520. It is a 310 Watt module that performs at 18.9% efficiency. It comes with a black frame that is thicker than most competitors, is aesthetically pleasing, and is ideal in situations where you have limited roof space and want to maximize power production. Also, it looks fantastic! It is made in Korea.
The Hanwha 265 is sold for $285. This 265 Watt polycrystalline module is rated at 15.9% efficiency. It is an affordable, high quality module that will work in any application and is made in Poland. This module pairs with the Enphase M215 micro-inverter.
The choice is yours. Although the LG 310 is $235 more per module, and requires a higher output micro-inverter that costs around $30 more, when you consider a system with 10 modules - the overall cost of the best technology only increases system cost by around $3000. There is no difference in cost to install higher output modules. In fact it may be lower due to needing fewer of them to produce equivalent power.
This is part of the Sweet Spot Solar approach. We aim to make high quality solar equipment available to more people, companies and communities while also providing an option to purchase the highest quality equipment currently available (like the LG 310 with an Enphase M250 micro-inverter) for the best price possible.