Best practices for mounting solar on shingle roofs

A natural fear that homeowners have about mounting solar on their roof is the integrity of the installation with respect to water incursion.

In the past, many solar installations were simply screwed down to the roof with lots of a roofing compound placed around entry points. This approach is simply unacceptable on shingle roofs nowadays, and code and industry association requirements demand that flashing be used.

At Sweet Spot Solar we are constantly exploring new product lines and our staff take regularly continuing education programs.

Although our company does not do installations ourselves, we work with installers to provide you with the best project price and the highest quality equipment.

When it comes to flashing for shingle roofs, one of the most effective products we have found is made by Quick Mount PV. Although more expensive than competitors, it's better to spend money on good quality equipment like this upfront rather than risk a leak in the future.

The E-Mount is a specially designed flashing kit that uses an elevated water seal to provide the best possible waterproofing and durability over the long run. We have samples of this product and others like it to show clients when we review your solar needs.

Here's a great video profiling this flashing kit and how it mounts. Hopefully this will give you greater peace of mind when considering a solar option for your roof.