Solar at the cottage/cabin

Here's why a small solar array at your seasonal property makes a lot of sense.

If you have a cabin or cottage that is primarily used in Summer, a solar array will produce a rolling credit throughout the year that will likely neutralize your bills (or create income) on an annual basis.

In the example below, this array of 18 modules is producing significant credit when most of the electrical load is turned off.

When your family is there during the Summer, your electrical demand is met first by what your array produces, any extra consumption is pulled from the grid, and any extra production creates more credit.

For a property that is used primarily in the Winter months like a ski chalet, a solar array makes even more sense since you can accumulate a very large credit during the solar peak months (typically March to October in Western Canada) to reduce or neutralize your Winter bills.

Even a small system of  5-10 modules can make a difference for such property owners.