Top Of Pole Mounts For Solar

There are so many options for mouting solar. One idea that's taking off is the use of top of pole mounts. Sweet Spot Solar can put together a 10 module package in two rows of five modules (portait orientation) for you. This would include 10 265 Watt Canadian Solar modules with black frames, a top of pole mouting kit (you will have to source the pole from a local metal shop and they usually cost around $400-500), 10 Enphase M-215 micro-inverters, and Enphase Engage cabling. This equipment package costs between $8000-8500 with delivery and taxes depending on where you live. A concrete foundation with rebar or mesh should be poured to anchor it. Here's an example of what this could look like, and the actual 10 module layout. Installation of such a system is likely to be in the $2000 range.

The above illustration is for a 15 module mount. For a 10 module mount there is one less row.