With these prices on solar, what are you waiting for?

Here's a quick example of how much a solar array would cost you with our pricing model. You could purchase right now a 16 module array rated at 4.24 kW DC. Depending on your location this could put out between 4800-5100 kWh/year. The equipment portion includes 16 Canadian Solar 265W modules, 16 Enphase M-215 micro inverters, Enphase Engage cabling, rails and mounting equipment for a roof. With delivery and taxes = $9900.00 (depending on location). On Gabriola Island and area our installer can likely do a project like this for approximately $2500.00. From a financial perspective, the levellized cost of energy for this array is 9.92 cents/kWh over 25 years based on 5000 kWh/year, and for 30 years the cost of electricity is 8.26 cents/kWh. No more rate increases! You lock yourself into this price by pre-buying power from your own array on a net metered basis.