A new solar array is coming to Rayleigh

Congratulations to Noreen and Ken for their new stack of solar modules. Ken and their son Ryan took delivery today. They purchased 17 Canadian Solar 280 Watt monocrystalline modules with a matte black frame finish. They plan to purchase the balance of the system including inverters and mounting kit soon. This will be one of only a handful of solar systems in their area just north of Kamloops.

We feel that it is our duty as global citizens to take an active role in reducing our own carbon footprint, and purchasing a solar array is a part of that process. Dr. Michael Mehta has guided us through the purchase and design of our solar system, demonstrating how this can be more attainable for the average home owner. It is one of many elements of our lifestyle that we believe will make a difference in carbon reduction.

- Noreen and Ken