Solar is for all ages

Ian and his wife Audrey took delivery this week of their new solar array. This 14 module system will grace the southern side of their roof in the Westsyde area of Kamloops, and should be up and running once the snow has melted.
At 84 years old you would wonder why I’m going solar? Do I really, honestly, believe that I’ll live long enough to break even on the investment? No. But my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren - - - and neighbours will realize that I’ve done my best to leave them a message of  sustainability. Hopefully they, in turn, will leave similar messages that will contribute a little more to the planet’s health. Even from an economic point of view, should the Site C hydro dam go through, those with foresight will realize that the only way to lessen their soaring hydro bills is to become as energy independent as possible. 
- Ian