Would you like a solar powered carport to charge an electric car?

Updated April 4, 2017:

Would you like something similar to this to charge your electric car and to provide power to your house? We are looking for clients interested in pioneering this approach with us. Contact Michael by email at michael@sweetspotsolar.com

Solar power and electric vehicles are a match made in heaven. Why not use a solar array to send power into your house and into your car's batteries? You will be driving on sunshine!

Sweet Spot Solar is looking for a client in the Kamloops area who is interested in a novel and mutually beneficial project.

On August 12, 2017, a special night called Hot Nite in the City will be held where people showcase a range of vehicles. A group is putting together a special display of electric cars for this event.

Here's the proposal: If a client would like an electric car charging station powered by solar modules, we will work with you and local carpenters to make something beautiful and functional.

Here's the catch: Before this gets installed at your property, we would like to showcase this charging station at Hot Nites in the City.

Here's the bait: Sweet Spot Solar will sell you the photovoltaic equipment including modules and inverters at-cost!

For more information, contact Michael at michael@sweetspotsolar.com