Another Example Of How Net Metering Allows You To Use The Grid As A Battery

A 4.5 kW solar array on Gabriola Island has been creating enough power for a 2400 square foot house to generate a surplus that is going into the month of December.

Here's a daily log of energy consumption for the house for the month of November. Going in to November this BC Hydro client had banked 1217 kWh of electricity. This is the rolling difference between what the solar array produces and what the house uses.

During the month of November the house imported 514 kWh from the grid leading to a new balance going into the December billing cycle of 702 kWh. You'll see from the bill below that the energy charge is $0.

To date, this house has used $224.22 (since February 1, 2017) with $61.00 of that being in the form of the basic daily charge, rate rider, and GST.

It's worth noting that the house uses electricity for 100% of its heating/cooling (there is no natural gas), runs two UV sterilizers for water purification (100% rain capture), operates 3 air purifiers 24 hours per day due to wood smoke from neighbouring properties, and charges an electric car.