Solar Strata In Kamloops BC

Updated: March 18, 2018

Sweet Spot Solar is thrilled to be working with Miles Pruden of Nexbuild Construction Corporation in Kamloops on the first solar multi-unit residential building in the city. Nexbuild purchased from us 64 300 Watt monocrystalline solar modules coupled with industry-leading Enphase micro-inverters and rail kits for their metal roof (19.2 kW) for $2/Watt! They will install the array. Each array is independent and has its own monitoring. This complex will have four separate solar arrays of 16 modules each, and the goal is to be net zero on each unit. No gas is used for heating or hot water purposes.Here's a rendering of the complex being built right now at 225 Schubert Drive in Kamloops.

As of today, only one unit remains available for purchase and it is located on the top floor. Asking price is $349,000. For more information, contact Miles at

Here's what the building looks like currently. Occupancy of the first unit is expected in a few weeks.

Miles and his team began installation of the solar arrays this weekend. Here are some photos provided by him of their progress. With a standing seam metal roof, and the use of S5 clamps, these projects are relatively easy, quick, and put no holes in the roof.

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