Limited Time Offer: Adjustable Ground Rack With Modules And Inverters

If you've always wanted solar but don't have a roof that will work well, why not consider a ground rack?

We are pleased to offer (while supplies last) a high-quality, adjustable ground rack with black framed monocrystalline Canadian Solar 300 Watt modules, Enphase M250 micro-inverters and cabling, and an Envoy communications gateway for realtime performance monitoring - all for the incredible price of $13,999 + GST + shipping. Installation is not included.

This rack setup is with 20 modules for a 6 kW array. When seasonally adjusted, this array can make over 7000 kWh/year depending on your location and local variables including shadowing. Adjustment can be done by one person and it is easy!

The 20 module array is approximately 34' long and is usually mounted on concrete sono tube piles. The images below are for illustration purposes only and do not represent the actual size of the 20 module setup on sale here.