An Exciting New Product - Titan Single Pole Ground Mount

Updated: April 11, 2018 [prices subject to change without notice; subject to availability]

Range: $13,700 - $17,000 + Shipping + GST depending on module selection, micro-inverters used, and manual or actuator adjust

* Not including installation.

Sweet Spot Solar is thrilled to offer our clients another high-quality, Made in Canada, ground mount that has many advantages. Let us introduce you to the Titan Single Pole Ground Mount.

This ground mount is designed to hold 16 60 cell (or 72 cell) solar modules in two rows of 8. It is approximately 27' wide and between 16-20' tall depending on the pole length used and the angle it is set at.

The single pole mount can be adjusted by hand or you can get an optional linear actuator kit to make changes to the angle throughout the year with the flick of a button. The actuator option is an additional $1000.00

They can also be grouped and are an excellent option for solar farms, community solar projects, or people with land that they wish to solarize.

When paired with a high quality bifacial module from LG or Silfab, these ground mounts can produce a significant amount of power. We are currently pairing the Titan Singe Pole Ground Mount with either 

LG 380W – 72 cell bifacial or S

ilfab 295W – 60 cell bifacial modules.

A bifacial module can make power on both sides. They work best on ground racks, trackers, and on some flat roof mounts where light bouncing behind the module makes energy on the flip side.

In areas where snow accumulation is an issue, they also melt the snow at a faster rate.

Let us know if you want a quote on these exciting options. This ground mount with bifacial modules and seasonal adjustment can make more than 6000 kWh/year of electricity in most parts of BC.