Saving money with your own solar array is easy and bankable

With Sweet Spot Solar we are able to model very precisely your new solar array at the design stage, and use your consumption data to create the perfect array for your property.

BC Hydro has just announced that you will no longer be able to "over size" a solar array relative to consumption. Our work will optimize your production to generate just the right amount of energy while saving you thousands of dollars over the years.

Here's how it works. Below is a property in Kamloops that we recently modelled and priced. This house uses around 8800 kWh/year and a solar array composed of 24 modules will make almost exactly that amount of energy annually given its location, roof characteristics, and our choice of technology.

Here's what the house would look like with this 7.2 kW solar array.

We are able to include in our 3D model obstructions like chimneys and vents and also put in trees and other shading obstacles if necessary.

When an irradiance model is run for the roof, it looks like this.

This solar array will cost $22,300 installed. Below are the financials. Most people ask the wrong question and fixate on how long it will take to pay-off the system. We hope that the numbers below give you a different way to think about this. Solar arrays stabilize your power bills for more than 30 years, and rate increases become mostly meaningless to owners of them. It's kind of like owning an electric car. Increases at the pump are no longer as meaningful. We know that rate increases have been significant in BC. The graph belows shows the extent of these increases.

Here's how this model solar array will save you money. The chart below is based on this particular 7.2 kW array and the bills paid by our client. You'll see that over 30 years (the expected life of the solar array) that this client's power bill will escalate to over $450/month in 30 years. Even in 10 years it will be approximately double from today's bill. With solar, this bill will be less than today and will only go up to $23/month in 30 years time.

Another way to visualize this is with the graphic below.

What are you waiting for? Solar is the best option for most people to save money. We all know that power bills are not going to decrease over time. The sooner you build a solar array, the quicker the savings begin to mount.