Tilting At Windmills 2018: Saturday May 12

We are pleased to announce a very special all-ages event coming up on Saturday May 12 between 1-4PM (setup starts at Noon for participants) at the Gabriola Elementary School (gymnasium).

This event is sponsored by Sweet Spot Solar Company, Gabriola Elementary School Science Club, Solar Den, and Pacifica Metals. Prizes from the Gabriola Fitness Centre.

This design/build competition will have two categories:
Open (all ages)
Youth (16 and younger) 

This is "Tilting at windmills 2018"! Our first ever DIY wind turbine event where people will have a chance to make different wind turbine assemblies in advance, bring them to display at the event, and have them tested and reviewed for power production and other characteristics. It's a great chance to learn about renewable energy and to let your creative juices flow.

We will provide a 300 Watt permanent magnet generator for you to mount your turbine assembly onto, and a high-speed fan or leaf blower will be used to simulate wind. This is what the generator looks like. It's about the size of a coffee can - but a little shorter.

For more information contact:

Dr. Michael Mehta
Sweet Spot Solar Company
(250) 999-1947