Another reason why we use micro-inverters

Sweet Spot Solar recommends that our clients use micro-inverters for their solar arrays. We are currently using Enphase IQ7 micro-inverters on our projects for many reasons.

Recently FEMA in the U.S. put out a solar advisory supporting this choice. They state:

We “recommend using microinverters where appropriate. Although these generally cost more than central or string inverters; they have several advantages. Unlike string inverters, microinverters have a greater chance of allowing undamaged panels of a PV array to continue to produce electrical power even if one panel is blown away or damaged by wind-borne debris. In an array using string inverters, if one panel is damaged, all the panels on the string will be offline.”

You can read their report here.

To learn more about the Enphase IQ7, the significant advantages of using micro-inverters over string inverters, and the significant warranty coverage (25 years) with this technology, click here.

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Michael Mehta