Dress up your home or place of business with a solar awning

Solar mounting options are becoming increasingly diverse and are beginning to provide integration options for multiple purposes.

If you have a long south-facing wall on your home or on a commercial building, a solar awning should definitely be in contention.

These wall mounted arrays are usually placed on a Southern wall. In the Summer when the Sun beats down on the windows in this wall, the awning will provide much needed shade given it’s 45 degree angle. This will cut down on energy consumption from air conditioning and make rooms more livable. Conversely, during the Winter months when the Sun is towards the horizon, the awnings will not block light from coming into the building.

The general shape of an awning is like this.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6.11.08 PM.png

Sweet Spot Solar uses a very high-quality product Made in Canada by our distributor Sentinel Solar.

Modules can be configured in portrait of landscape orientation.

Another option is to use bifacial solar modules like those made by LG. A bifacial module generates energy on both sides of the module, and it also let’s light pass through the module between cells to create a beautiful effect. To learn more about these modules, see the following website. We carry these modules and another equally effective and pleasing module made by Silfab.

Bifacial modules look like this from the backside. There are ways to manage the wiring to make them less visible. Why spend thousands of dollars on regular awnings when you can have one that also makes power and future-proofs your home and place of business against increasing energy costs?

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6.25.39 PM.png
Michael Mehta