These are not your grandfather's solar modules! 400 Watts of power is now here

Sweet Spot Solar is pleased to offer our clients one of the highest power solar modules available. Say hello to the LG 400 Watt 72 cell module. LG is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the world, and their modules are known for extremely high quality and strong aesthetics. This is the same company that makes LG appliances that many of us have in our homes.

These high-power modules are usually reserved for commercial projects but they’re excellent for residential projects too.

Here’s an example from North Kamloops to show why high power modules can be useful - especially on smaller roofs.

example house in North Kamloops.png

As you can see, this roof has a small southern roof plane to work with. With our advanced modelling we can run an irradiance calculation for each plane, and the southern plane (the bottom one in bright yellow) has excellent solar potential.

irradiance model.png

If a standard 60 cell module of 265 Watts were used here, we could build an array of 4.24 kW DC using 16 modules. It would generate 5253 kWh/year.

4.24 kW using Hanwha 265.png

With the LG 400 Watt modules we could fit 12 modules (less than the 16 above) but it would be a 4.8 kW DC array that generates 5903 kWh/year. That’s a gain of 11%.

4.8 kW array using LG400.png

But here’s the best part. Even though the LG400 modules cost more, less modules mean fewer micro-inverters, less rail kits, less wire, not as many holes in your roof, and a quicker installation. The cost of the high power array is only slightly more expensive overall than the standard array but you can truly maximize the energy harvest from the roof.

Note - Grandfathers are welcome to buy these modules at any time. Grandmothers too!

Michael Mehta