This 380 Watt solar module can make 494 Watts of power under the right circumstances

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Being two-faced isn’t usually a good thing, unless you’re a bifacial solar module. We are thrilled to offer this powerhouse - the LG NEON2 bifacial.

Unlike conventional modules, the bifacial PV Module can produce energy from both the front and backside, utilizing sunlight on the front and reflected light on the back simultaneously.

The bifacial PV module offer greater power output when compared to conventional monofacial PV modules, due to its ability to harvest light that is reflected onto the backside. The reflected light can come from a variety of sources, such as reflection from the ground or from a neighboring row of PV modules.

This kind of module works best with trackers, pole mounts, ground mounts, awnings, and on flat roofs using ballasted racking.

The bifacial gain will vary depending on what’s around and behind it. It is not recommended for flush mounted modules on rails.

Although these modules are more expensive, the financial returns can be competitive depending on the application. Only an expert can determine this for you, and we’re here to help.

Bifacial modules work very well in snowy conditions. They generate a lot more power because of the high albedo effect of the snow (the backside makes lots of power in these circumstances), and they melt snow on their surface at a much higher rate.

Michael Mehta