May Day at the Sorrento Centre - The first full day of solar energy for Spes Bona

Today marks the first full day of solar energy generation for the iconic Spes Bona administrative building at the Sorrento Centre. Sweet Spot Solar, in conjunction with our installing partner Greensleeves Electric Ltd, are delighted to have played a role in making this array a reality.

Thanks to the inspiring leadership of the Centre’s Director Reverend Michael Shapcott, this retreat and conference centre is well on the way towards becoming greener and carbon neutral.

Phase One of the array is complete with 19 modules on the roof. A fundraising effort is underway to support an expansion of the array, and you can donate to this cause online here.


On it’s first full day of operation (a cloudy day with rain), this array managed to generate 20.7 kWh of energy.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 6.52.17 PM.png

A module by module view of production shows that everything is working well, and as expected there are some differences in energy production based on roof orientation (but they are minimal as we anticipated). By exploiting different roof orientations, and using the right micro-inverters and modules, you can get a lot more energy than many people realize and more modules up to do the necessary work of ensuring a sustainable future for us all.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 6.53.03 PM.png
Michael Mehta